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Hi, I'm Mary, welcome to my Home on the Web, I hope you enjoy your visit and if you like what you find here I hope you will tell your friends about my site. The poems,stories ,and midis I use I have garnered from all over the Web, the same is true of the graphics I use. So if you see any of your copyrighted stories, poems, midis, or graphics here, and you want it removed from my site, please notify me with proof of ownership and I will remove your copyrighted material or give you credit for it, whichever you prefer. Most of the stories and poems are Inspirational in nature because I love the Lord with all my heart and these pages I made in His honor. I also intend to have many Patriotic pages. I have a few humorous pages and a special section for you dog and cat lovers, of which I am one.I also have a special section of "Tributes To Mothers " and a few personal "Tribute Pages" to some very special people. I also have a "Friends" category, and I have a few Christmas pages made but will be adding more later, I will also be adding more Easter pages later and maybe a few other holiday pages.. This has been a web site that has been long in the making and I'm far from finished. I will be adding new pages right along to all categories. So every time you visit it would be a good idea to RELOAD/REFRESH . the page so you won't miss the new additions


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I think I've rambled about long enough so what say we get to the pages now? Click on the picture beneath each category you want to visit. God bless you every one and I sure hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon.----And never forget




There are some wonderful patriotic pages here made by web friends of mine and i thank them all for allowing me to post their pages on my web site. I will be adding more as time goes by so if you like patriotic pages you might want to check this page from time to time.